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Santa Barbara Hikes

Diane's Big Adventures

Diane's Big Adventures

Horned Lizards

I love horned lizards. I call 'em horney toads. They look like tiny little tricerotops dinosaurs. On my last backpack trip up Potrero Trail a…

Wilflower Database Improvements

I've been working on a project to improve my wildflower database. I've searched through my totally disorganized collections of digital and re…

Hurricane Deck to the Schoolhouse

This weekend Tony and I took an overnight out to the Manzana Schoolhouse by way of Hurricane Deck. The trail's not too bad. We found our way …

Manzana River is FULL!

Took a hike out to Lost Valley Trail up to a place we call Castle Rock. Wow, the Manzana is full! If you are planning a trip to Manzana Schoo…

A rainy Saturday

Wow, look at this rain in May. You never can tell in Santa Barbara. About a year ago I went on the Sierra Club's Hurricane Deck Marathon. Act…