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Fish Creek and evidence of flash flood


Went for a lovely hike to Fish Creek on the Manzana yesterday. The weather was perfect with high clouds keeping things relatively cool with warm temperatures in the 80s.

There was not much water in Manzana creek but there was evidence everywhere that there had been flash flooding from that weird lightning and thunder rainstorm day we had not too long ago.

Mud and silt in fish creek
Silt was one of the signs there had been flash flooding recently. This is Fish Creek near the camp.

There wasn't any standing water right at Fish Creek Camp but if you hiked up Fish Creek a ways small pools of water appeared. There was evidence of big cats having come through the creek bed at Fish Creek Camp, though.

Mountain Lion prints
Mountain lion prints plus some other really cute little foot prints.

It was just a lovely day back there. Hard to leave. Seems like a great time to go backpacking right now with fairly moderate daytime temperatures and warmer than usual nights.

Manzana looking east
Looking east on the Manzana on a glorious fall day.