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Santa Barbara Hikes

Diane's Big Adventures

Hike to Blue Peak


Blue Peak is a pointy peak you can see at the top of Romero Canyon Trail. It has a USGS marker at the summit. To get there we hiked up Romero Canyon Trail then down the fire road from the water tank. There's a saddle on the fire road with a trail heading off to the right. We followed that until we emerged on East Camino Cielo Road. The trail continues up to the peak, a hard right turn at the road. The trail continues down past the second peak and then drops back down to the fire road by the water tank. We returned down Romero Canyon Trail.

Blue Peak on right

It was foggy today but we hiked out of it. It was humid but also comfortable in temperature.

The fog looked pretty tumbling over the rocky peaks

Up on top of the mountain, spring seemed to be at high bloom. Popcorn flowers, monkey flowers and Indian paintbrush dotted the green grasses. All the emptiness of the Dick Smith Wilderness behind the Santa Ynez Range was visible from the summit. We lingered as the fog swirled in and out around us and swallowtail butterflies sought mates around us. It's a nice time to hike right now.

Us on top of Blue Peak