The Thomas Fire and the floods have closed many of the trails in our area. Read Los Padres National Forest Alerts & Notices and Ray Ford's report for more information.
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Okay ladies, time to have a talk about toilet paper flowers on the trail


Took a hike on Romero Trail today. Lots of toilet paper flowers on the trail were seen. Typically, this is a women's thing. The only time men leave TP on the trail is when they poop and most people will be too shy to poop right on the trail. If anybody poops on the trail it will be a child and will probably be assisted by a mom. So ladies, this message is mostly to you:

Please stop leaving toilet paper on the trail!

Leave no trace principles recommend that you do your business 100 feet from the trail and that you dig a hole 6 inches deep for your waste. I realize that in our chaparral this can be difficult. So what I recommend is to use a pee rag. A pee rag is a bandana that you tie to your pack. If you have to pee, dry off with the rag. The sun will bake it sterile while you hike and then you can wash it at home. If that is too gross for you and you just have to use TP, bring a ziploc bag for your used TP. You can put duct tape all over the bag so you never have to look at its contents. Then just throw the bag away when you get home.

We all love our trails. We are so fortunate to live here where we have so many great hiking trails. You can tell people love the trails as new signage has been popping up, new benches, and trail maintenance. All this is done by volunteers, not by the government. You can do your part to show your love of our trails by cleaning up your TP, your dog poop bags and other trash.