The Thomas Fire and the floods have closed many of the trails in our area. Read Los Padres National Forest Alerts & Notices and Ray Ford's report for more information.
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South Fork Memorial Day adventure to try and meet a woman thru-hiking the Condor Trail


Memorial day weekend TrailHacker and I hiked out to South Fork to bring a resupply package to a woman attempting to thru-hike the Condor Trail. We missed her by a few hours. We're pretty surprised she's still out there. She's made it all the way from Lake Piru and the Agua Blanca trail.

There was plenty of water on the Manzana, in the Whiteledge area, at Lonnie Davis and on the Sisquoc. The weather was unseasonably cool but warming up, with very mild nighttime temperatures. We were suprised there weren't more people out on this holiday weekend.

Rattlesnake Falls

More pictures.