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Santa Barbara Hikes

Diane's Big Adventures

Spring has sprung early


TrailHacker, a friend of ours named Paul and I went for a quick overnighter on the Manzana Trail. Our plan was Ray's Camp but someone had already selected to camp there. So we hiked on and found another nice camp less than a quarter mile further along.

Our tent and Tony
TrailHacker and our tent
Paul and Tony
Paul and TrailHacker in camp

The weather was amazing. It was hot during the day. Paul had salt stains on his shirt. We even considered taking a dip in the Manzana to cool off. The evening was balmy. We sat out around our unlit campfire circle and chatted until dark without getting really very cold.

Perfect water for filling platypus bottles
If you've ever used platypus bottles you'd understand why this was the perfect stream for filling up
Paul's Chair
We took turns trying to see if we could figure out how to sit in and get out of Paul's chair
Hurricane Deck IPA
Finally a Hurricane Deck we want to return to.

Tony kept going on and on about Hurricane Deck. Then he brought us all chilled Hurricane Deck beer from the creek. It tasted mighty fine. Paul shared freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches. What will they think up next?

Homemade dehydrated beef chili

We slept warmly. Paul said he was a little cold in his 30-degree bag. TrailHacker was burning up in his 10 degree bag. I was as warm as at home in my 20 degree bag in bare feet and shorts.

4 inches of loft at least!
TrailHacker with at least 4 inches of loft, maybe 6
The real Hurricane Deck
The real Hurricane Deck
Poppies in bloom

On the drive home, we stopped to take pictures of the bright green hills. Already the flowers are in bloom. We saw poppies, shooting stars and chocolate lillies. April will be too late for the Figueroa Mountain spring wildflowers this year.

Sometimes a quickie overnighter is just the right thing to do. Best Valentine's Day ever.