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Spring is springing on Figueroa Mountain


Went up to Figueroa Mountain and hiked the Birabent Trail down into the creek to the junction that leads to La Jolla Spring. The flowers were sort of in a state of being both past their prime and not yet in their prime. But everything was so green and beautiful. It was gorgeous.

Poppies on the Birabent Trail
Poppies on the Birabent Trail
The creek at the bottom of the canyon
The creek at the bottom of the Canyon. Birabent Creek.
Four of us sitting on a log
We took a lunch break at the junction with the trail to La Jolla Spring.

There is a campsite about a mile and a half down the trail from Figueroa Mountain Road. It's a good destination for a beginner backpack trip. You can get to Birabent Trail by parking on Figueroa Mountain Road and Tunnell Road. There's a little spur there, a metal pipe-gate and a sign-in box in a grassy field. The trail is a little crumbly but otherwise good. Once you get to the campsite, the trail becomes worse with poison oak and just generally sort of fading away a bit. It's a nice hike to see a variety of flowers and trees and generally just beautiful scenery. The creek canyon at the bottom is narrow and small. The campsite is also small and primitive. If you camp there it will be difficult to find a place to leave no trace with your human waste.

Long ago we used to do a crazy hike from Ballard Canyon down to Birabent Creek and back up the Birabent trail to Figueroa Mountain Road. A car shuttle. We haven't done it in a long time and don't know the condition of this crazy hike. Might have to tr it some time.

P.S. Totally unrelated to this, apparently someone went to a geocache on Devil's Canyon Trail and found a disposable camera in the cache. They got the film developed. Among the photos was a picture of me! From about 15 years ago or so! I looked so young! I don't even know how to find the person who found the camera, but if you are reading this post, I think that's pretty incredible the camera sat in there for so many years and was finally developed.