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Santa Barbara Hikes

Diane's Big Adventures

Thru-hiking the front country trails of Santa Barbara


The annual Sierra Club Ultimate Hike was successfully completed yesterday. This hike is also called the 9 Trails. It connects trails from Jesusita all the way to Romero Trail.

The day began with rain and a rainbow. I had something on my lens all day.

Our winter rains have finally arrived. I heard screaming on Halloween night and thought it was just kids having fun, until I heard the pouring rain! Imagine all the kids out for a long walk now having to run home many blocks! The rain continued with sporadic showers for the first half of the day for our hike. The funny thing about this hike is that it has rained most times we have done this hike but it always clears up by about lunch time.

View at start
This is the view of uptown Santa Barbara and the Lauro Canyon reservoir at the start as we neared Inspiration Point.
Hikers on the hike
The intrepid hikers

Not many people came on the hike. Those that did come seemed to have a nice time. Two of the hikers flew all the way from New Mexico for the hike. Not even joking! They had other things to do and picked this weekend just because there was a good hike and cheap air fare.

Baptimal font on Tunnel Trail
Rains had filled up the baptimal font on Tunnel Trail.
Water tunnel
They really don't want you to get to the water

We had lunch in the rain at the water tunnel on the West Fork of Cold Springs trail. Sitting under trees we didn't get too wet. It stopped raining after we got going again and didn't rain again the rest of the day. It turned into a really beautiful day.

Montecito below us now as we hike down Hot Springs trail, Carpinteria in the distance.

No longer looking at Santa Barbara below us, we now look over Montecito. It is still raining out by the islands.

Rain over the ocean
Rain over the ocean

After much knee-grinding, bone-crunching descending on the Edison catway, followed by lots more climbing, repeated way too many gratuitous times, we finally look down on the canyon of Romero Trail and our home stretch.

Romero Canyon
The home stretch: Romero Canyon

We started hiking at 9AM and completed the hike at 5:30PM. It wasn't our fastest time but it also was not our slowest time, either.