Fire and floods have destroyed or made inaccessible many of the trails in our area. Read LPNF Alerts & Notices and SB County Road closure information.
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Santa Barbara Hikes

Los Padres Forest Service VWR Trip Reports

Los Padres Forest Service VWR Trip Reports

2016 South Fork Wilderness Patrol Photos

Paul uploaded his photos from trail recon December 28, 2016 -2017 and New Year's Day South Fork Wilderness Patrol to my Drobox. Here is…

Big Cone Spruce

We cut a lot of downed trees; the trail is passable to hikers. There is more brushing to be done from the Narrows to BCS. Photos Steve C…

Not a VWR Report. Private company takes over our forest access.


Local Forest Closures

Rey Fire Santa Barbara County Closures Closure due to Sherpa Fire Closure in the Sespe near Pine Mountain Lodge

Fire Restrictions

There are new fire restrictions in place. Basically campfires only in developed campsites and no smoking except in developed campsites, buildi…

Judell - Upper Sisquoc - Madulce Trail Report

Here is a link to my trail report for Judell Canyon, Upper Sisquoc, and Madulce Trail, from a trip I made May 6-8. Sorry that because of my pi…

Buckhorn Road Survey

Attached is our report from the Buckhorn survey this last weekend. A truck can get from Upper Oso to the last turn before chokecherry sprin…

Madulce Trip Report for 23-25 October 2015

Here's a trip report for Madulce from October. Madulce Trail Project, Oct 2015.docx 0.99MB

Trail Work and recon McKinley Mountain Road and the Mission Pine Trail to Mission Pine Springs ...Nov.21 thru 23rd

In two parts, with great pictures that are unfortunately a little bit chopped up. I haven't figured out a good way to take emails with dozens …

Mono-Alamar Trail CCC Project

shared with you an ESRI Storymap that we put together to show the recent CCC accomplishments along the Mono-Alamar Trail on the Santa Barbara …

Santa Lucia Trails Summary

Here's a summary of reports for the Santa Lucia District Santa Lucia Trails Summary Final FY 2015 .pdf 0.23MB

Los Padre Forest Association up-coming Events

Here are up-coming events. Oct LPFA Trails Project Schedule.docx 0.01MB

1969 Sespe River Flood pictures

Just a little reminder of how things can get during a flood year, if this El Nino happens. Ø  Are we prepared ?…

Forest Service Chief Reviews Fire Season, Calls for Two-Part Solution to Fire Budget

Sharing information on FY2015 fire season from the WO- Chief Tidwell outlined two key issues the Forest Service is wrestling with that must be…

Upper Sisquoc Project

Hi Joe, thanks again for the opportunity this last 3 days. Not sure when I will get the project report done. I am already busy getting ready f…

Cuyama Roads Survey

Attached is a pdf with pics of the worst spots of the road. I drove the loop up Bates Canyon, east across Sierra Madre, down Santa Barbara Can…

SL District Kiosk istallation project report

Hello Everyone, Here is a report from the project this last weekend to install new kiosks for the Santa Lucia district. We also performed 1 mi…

Madulce Trail and Upper Sisquoc River Trail survey

Hey Jasonn and all,   Here's my report from this past weekend.  A sea of ceanothus on the trails, fox-tail hell, and a big ole…

Cutting a Tree Under Tension FLA

Safety Team:   The attached FLA reviews a serious, non-fire related, accident involving the cutting of a downed tree which was under te…

Memorial Weekend project report from Mission Pine Springs

Thanks to Michael Smith and his family includes the three packing goats, for their effort in removing the hazard tree at Mission Pine Spring. …

History of the Los Padres

This isn't exactly a volunteer wilderness ranger report but you might find it interesting. This extensive history of the LPF [is] from our …

April 2015 Upper Sisquoc working vacation report

Here is the report for the working vacation! Thanks again to all who supported! It was a great team effort and very successful!

LPFA Trail Project Report, March 27-29, 2015 (McKinley Saddle to Mission Pine Basin)

MISSION:  Brush Mission Pine Trail between McKinley Saddle and Mission Pine Basin.   PERSONNEL:  Curt Cragg (leader), John Fr…

Sawyer and trail work along the Reyes Peak trail and the Gene Marshall NRT

Volunteers removed down and dead timber on the trail pathway using cross-cut saws. Work was done from the Reyes Creek Trail head to Haddock…

Mission Pine Trail Project Report and Photos

Thanks to Steve for provided the web site and photograph of the last weekend LPFA trail project.…

Hi Valley Trail Trip Report

I have never heard of Hi Valley Trail. Here is a trip report: HI VALLEY TRAI1.docx 1.72MB

Happy Hunting Ground Work Project

Happy Hunting Ground project.docx 3.16MB

Overnight from NIRA to Schoolhouse and back.

Project: Overnight from NIRA to Schoolhouse and back. Trail tread: good condition. three trees bucked from trail. Work to be done: large sy…

Lower manzana and potrero trail project report

Here's a trip report from a work trip this January on Lower Manzana and Potrero Trails. There are a lot of pictures inside the document. Lo…

FY 2014 Overview Collaborative Accomplishment Trails approach on the Santa Lucia R.D.

Here a short summary of collaborative accomplishment on the Forest and Santa Lucia R.D. approach by using Volunteers/ Grant/ Partnership/Eagle…