Fire and floods have destroyed or made inaccessible many of the trails in our area. Read LPNF Alerts & Notices and SB County Road closure information.
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Santa Barbara Hikes

Los Padres Forest Service VWR Trip Reports

Los Padres Forest Service VWR Trip Reports

Portable gas lanterns or stoves okayed forest wide

New Information that will allow the use of portable gas lanterns or stove forest wide. Forest Order 14-08 Termination.pdf 0.12MB Fores…

Forest Closure Sespe Condor Santuary

The Sespe Condor Sanctuary carries a fine if you enter it. This is part of the Ojai Ranger District. FO-14-06_SespeCondorSanctuary_Final.pdf 2MB

Mission Pine and Grapevine Trails Report - May 2014

Enclosed is the report from my four day trip in May, covering from Mission Basin to Windy Gap, and down along Grapevine Trail to Santa Cruz St…

High Mountain Campground Water Tank

Trails information on the northern part of the Santa Lucia R.D. thanks to Sandy /Bill and others. High Mountain Campground Water Tank.ccc.d…

San Rafael Trail and water conditions

Here is the report: WaterTrailinfoSanRafaelWilderness.docx 0.01MB

Lower Manzana VWR Project Trip, May 24-25, 2014

DATES: May 24-25, 2014 PERSONNEL: Brad Spencer (leader), caucasian, male, almost as old as dirt Bob Burtness (follower), caucasion,…

Boulder Busting Project, McKinley Road, April 12, 2014

Date: ¬†April 12, 2014 PERSONNEL: ¬†Mike Smith (leader), Brian Smith, Nate Kirby, Daniel Wilson, Ray Ford, Kail Wathne, Kevin Cody & Bob Burt…

Upper Manzana Trail Maintenance Project, March 21-23, 2014

TRAILHEAD:  NIRA Campground. Many cars parked at campground.  Hike 7 miles to base camp at Manzana Narrows Camp on Friday, thereby a…

Nira 5 Trail Loop

Pictures: Report: Wilderness Ranger Patrol Project 32114.pdf 0.06MB

VWR fleeting moment of fame for the week


Cachuma Saddle - Upper Oso Recon 1/10 - 1/12

Here is the report: Wilderness Ranger Patrol Project 1-10-14.docx 0.12MB

SoCal Forests Release Draft Record of Decision for Land Management Plan Amendment

Here's one of those things they need public comments on.NEWS RELEASELos Padres National ForestFor Immediate ReleaseContact: Andrew Madsen …

VWR Training for Volunteers - become a volunteer

Almost anyone can be a volunteer. In fact, you might already be one and not know it. It was the case for me. Bryan Conant has sent out this …

Level III Fire Restriction

Los Padres Forest - attached is the new signed Forest Order 14-01 Level III Fire Restriction that takes effect on January 11, 2014 for wide di…

Southfork Trip Report pictures

I have posted some highlighted photos of our recent VWR trip. My trip report will follow at a later date.Wonderful weather with summer-like co…

December Manzana Trail Report

Attached as a pdf file is the trail report that I promised you this week. Paul and Rik are going to cover the Sisquoc River portion of …

Dabney Cabin November

Giagantic PDF file available here (12MB): /files/vwr/Nov 2013 Nira Dabney Cabin.pdf

Fire Restrictions Lowered on Los Padres National Forest

GOLETA, Calif., December 11, 2013 - Recent rainfall across Los Padres National Forest has led to rising fuel moisture levels, prompting offici…

Santa Cruz Trail Trip Report

The report is in the PDF. Trip Report - Santa Cruz Trail Nov 2013

Backcountry Water Report for Thanksgiving 2013

As hinted last week, the name of the game right now is water and wateravailability.  While the Los Padres got a little rain the past few …

Eagle Scout project: Ray's camp table at Manzana

With Paul Cronshaw's help I was able to connect with Jeff and tag along for the installation of the table at Manzana Camp and turn it into…

Lower Sisquoc Loop 11/8 - 11/11

Here are pictures from the Lower Sisquoc Loop.…

Buckhorn Rd report

Here's a trip report for Buckhorn Rd. SBRD_PatrolReport_131101.pdf

VWR Fatality Report

Fatality report releasedThe Forest Service recently released a Facilitated Learning Analysis report on the July 5, 2013, fatality of a volunte…

LPFA Report Nov 12, 2013

TRAIL WORK ACTIVITY* Over the past few weeks some of the LPFA/VWR crosscut sawyers have been busy sawing out fallen trees that are obstructing…

Chokecherry Spring, Big Pine, Madulce, Bluff report

I'll throw together a more comprehensive report but here is the Cliff Notes version: - Roads are clear including the entirety of Sierra Mad…

Mission Pine Spring report

I spent Saturday night at Mission Pine Spring. There is plenty of water in the tank below Cachuma Pk, McKinley Spring, Mission Pine Spring, an…

Scout project updates

I got some cryptic trip reports that have links my ancient computer can't handle so I can't really tell you whether these are related or separ…

LPFA Buckhorn and Sulphur Spring Reports

This report is from August: LPFA_SulphurSpring_130807.pdf 1845.97KB This report is from September: LPFA_BuckhornSurvey_130905.pdf 1965.71KB

Trip Report - Lower Sisquoc Horse Gulch Canyon

Here is a trip report for Lower Sisquoc, Horse Gulch Canyon from May. Trip Report - Lower Sisquoc, Horse Gulch Canyon - May 2013.pdf 2033.67KB