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Cutting a Tree Under Tension FLA


Safety Team:
The attached FLA reviews a serious, non-fire related, accident involving the cutting of a downed tree which was under tension on April 30th, 2015 and resulted in breaks to the sawyer’s tibia and fibula in three places. We are fortunate that the outcome was not worse. The FLA is forwarded to you for sharing with all employees, and has been posted to the Safety Engagement Website, Recently Released Reports, FLA section. The FLA is also posted to the new OSOH “World of Safety” SharePoint site.  I sincerely appreciate  that local leadership was willing to share this FLA nationally.  Thanks to the FLA team: Team Lead -Dale Snyder- AFMO/ Forest Chainsaw Coordinator/ “C” Certifier- Angelina/Sabine National Forests; Subject Matter Expert- Robert Manry- Dozer Operator/ “C” Sawyer- Davy Crockett National Forest; and Writer Editor - Frank Stranimier- Lands, Minerals & Special Use’s/ “B” Sawyer - Sam Houston National Forest.
As a reminder, the Safety Engagement website is located at (the next to the last link in the red hot box on the fsweb page).  The links to Recently Released Reports (CRP/LR, FLA, Lessons Learned, Tech Tips, Good Safe Practices and Fleet Bulletins are located in the left border of the Safety Engagement homepage.  The new OSOH “World of Safety” SharePoint site is located at and has identical reports posted (the original reports are now posted on the OSOH site which has an enhanced search engine, when selecting the report from the Safety Engagement Site…you will be automatically linked to the new OSOH site and be able to use the robust search functions.
I will post any approved report, wildfire or non-wildfire related, that you feel should be shared nationally with our employees.  Final non-fatality reports can be posted without further review.  Fatality level reports will be reviewed by FOIA, OGC (if necessary), the Associate Deputy Chief of the originating unit, and the DASHO, prior to posting. I will coordinate with the Chief’s Office to announce the posting of high impact level reports in the Chief’s People, Places and Things.
Please provide me with any reports that you feel others will benefit from reading….and I will post them.
Thanks, Steve

Steven Schlientz
Forest Service
Office of Safety and Occupational Health
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FLA_Leg_Injury_SamHoustonNF_4_30_15_Final.pdf 1.01MB