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Santa Barbara Hikes

Los Padres Forest Service VWR Trip Reports

Overnight from NIRA to Schoolhouse and back.


Project: Overnight from NIRA to Schoolhouse and back.

Trail tread: good condition. three trees bucked from trail. Work to be done: large sycamore at Potrero camp needs another cut to allow stock to pass through. Now you must divert into the campsite. Another tree 14" just beyond Coldwater has a 'go around' but should be removed.

Trail brushing: needed for first 3 miles from NIRA to Coldwater camp.

Water: running water from NIRA to the beginning of the Davis property. No water from there until Dabney cabin then water at 3 crossings then no water from there on to the Schoolhouse. No water on the Cody property or at the Schoolhouse. Sisquoc dry also at the Schoolhouse.


Schoolhouse camp: tables throughout are in disrepair and need wood and painting. Shovels missing at some campsites. Three other backpack groups in overnight.

Shoolhouse coral: good grazing, wood needs repair ( two 2X6X8 boards), minor fence tightening needed. Last years work holding up well.

Coldwater camp: No one there. large lean-to made of sticks and dried grass very near fire ring was dismantled and campsite restored.

Horseshoe Bend camp: looks good, no one there. water OK

Need new register book at the Schoolhouse.

Trail users: Several day hikers and LPFA volunteers! No one at Horseshoe Bend or Coldwater or Potrero. 3 other groups at Manzana, amazing even with no water.

Weather: awesome. Cold mornings and warm afternoons.