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Los Padres Forest Service VWR Trip Reports

Upper Sisquoc Project


Hi Joe, thanks again for the opportunity this last 3 days. Not sure when I will get the project report done. I am already busy getting ready for my week long trail maint trip to the Sierras leaving this Sat. So very briefly here is what we accomplished below.

  1. Brushed the first 1 mile of the Madulce trail from the Big Pine road to the Madulce peak intersection as planned. The 4 HPS folks plus Ellen Dorwin accomplished that.
  2. Brushed the Sisquoc Trail from Big Pine road to Lower Bear camp as planned.
  3. Bucked out over 20 fallen trees and removed 7 widow makers on the Sisquoc Trail from Big Pine road to Lower Bear camp as planned.
  4. Did spot repairs on tread in areas where it was dangerously narrow or gone.
  5. Found the Hartman stove at Upper Bear buried in stinging nettles and ferns. We cut out a small perimeter around it. This site will need lots of work if we really want to make it camp able.
  6. Using chainsaws we bucked out 3 big trees of the Alamar trail just outside the Wilderness boundary.

Road was in real good shape, except for one small slide we leveled out with trailsmith tools and shovels. Chokecherry Spring was still trickling and the trough full.
Upper Bear had good clear water flowing from the side canyon.
No water at Middle Bear
Good water flowing lower bear and the falls nearby were flowing.