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Santa Barbara Hikes

Photos from Aliso, Snyder and Agua Caliente Trails

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Tarantula on Paradise Road.
Tony says that the bare butt is caused by the Tarantula releasing the hairs on its behind when it is being attacked by a predator. The hairs are supposed to be an irritant.
Here are the pinchers. Tarantulas are not supposed to be poisonous.
We found this stunned woodpecker in the middle of the road.
We put him in the crook of a tree well off the road. When we returned from our hike many hours later, he was still sitting there. He was still alive. When Tony went to check on him, he hopped to the other side of the tree.

I think we should have taken him to the Wildlife Care Network. I hope he survived.
Yellow flowers on Aliso Trail.
Pretty grass on Aliso Trail.
Cliffs and burned brush on Aliso Trail.
The sky was clouding.
Burned manzanita.
Little Pine Mountain.
Little Pine Mountain.
I love these cliffs.
Buckwheat and the cliffs.
Buckwheat and the cliffs.
Tony on the trail with Little Pine Mtn ahead.
The colors of fall. Buckwheat, sage, scrub oak and dry grass.
More buckwheat. Also called erigonium.
I couldn't get over how red it was.
Little Pine Mountain from Snyder Trail.
View of Lake Cachuma from Knapp's castle.
Creek on Agua Caliente Trail.
Fall colors on Agua Caliente.
More fall colors.
Having lunch on boulders on Agua Caliente.
Very sharp plants line the creek.
Big puffy clouds. It rained later in the day.
Ahh. Big Caliente Hot Spring.