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Photos from Oceano Dunes Hike

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A Jellyfish
Prickly Pear blossom on the Coreopsis Hill.
Coreopsis Closeup. These are Giant Coreopsis. The flowers are quite pretty,but the plants are ugly.
Oceano Dunes, March 2002: 101 North to Santa Maria. Take 166 exit toward Guadalupe. In Guadalupe, make a right on Hwy 1. Follow 1 to Oso Flaco Rd. Turn left. At the end of Oso Flaco is where you park. Nice lake with lots of birds and big dunes.
Giant Coreopsis. Here you can see their ugly stems and pretty flowers.
Waves of Grass.
Saw a few of these large holes. Are they foxholes?
"By-the-wind sailors." Jellyfish. Millions of these on the shore. They all have a sail.
Owl's clover.
Paintbrush. Some sort of sand paintbrush.
Pink iceplant.
Ripples of sand.
Sand dollars.
Sand Formations. You can see the layers forming in the sand, like the sandstone formations in Utah.
Tracks in the Sand. What was this? A huge rat?.
Sand waves.
More sand waves.
Wildflowers at the beach.
Yellow flowers
Yellow ice plant.