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Photos from Eclipse, August 2017

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This is the actual eclipse. I couldn't take a good picture with a point-and-shoot so I didn't try. As soon as I could no longer see anything through the eclipse glasses, I tore them off and just stared at it with my bare eyes. It was so beautiful and nothing like I had imagined it would look. All the professional pictures in the world show it so black and so big and so bright. My own picture shows it so bright. But it was not bright or big. It was the same size as the sun always is. It was small. Instead of a yellow light, the sun was a black hole in the sky. Surrounding the pure black was an amazing fringe of silvery hairs that spread out a great distance. It was amazing and so beautiful. The most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. To think those silvery hairs, the corona, is always there, but we can never see it. I wish that we could.