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Photos from Davy Brown Trail

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Fir Canyon is a pretty canyon that you can hike in from Davy Brown Campground which is near NIRA. The trail is called the Davy Brown trail. It's about 6 miles round trip.

These are Humboldt Lillies. They are at peak bloom here in late June.
Bald mountain and Hurricane Deck.
Although these pictures are impressive, the rattlesnake was dead.
Although they call it Fir Canyon, they are really Big Cone Spruce.
This is a Big Cone Spruce.
These are some sort of monkey flower.
This is a small lily of some sort.
This is near the summit of the trail. The area changes from a shaded creek to an open oak-studded meadow.
This road is at the summit. It goes to Figueroa Mountain. This hill is a mound of solid serpentine. (Actually, serpentinite.)
I like this weird tree.
It appears to have its mouth open.
Sycamore leaves.
The view for me most of the time - my feet.
One more look at the lillies.