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Photos from Franklin Trail Working Day, Spring 2005

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Pictures from Trail Working Day on Franklin Trail. April 2005

Here we are getting started.

Delphinium (Delphinium parryi or pretty close) lined the trail

Star Lily: Zigadenus fremontii

Chinese Houses: Collinsia heterophylla

Hugh, from England, admiring the Chinese Houses. He says about Santa Barbara, "An excess of beauty."

Mission bells or checkered lily: Fritillaria lanceolata

The star lillies were abundant and tall...

...as high as a man's waist.

Star lily close up

Bush Lupine: Lupinus albifrons, close up

Bush Lupine: Lupinus albifrons

Bush Lupine: Lupinus albifrons

With so many people, the work went fast.

We actually finished the job! The Franklin trail from Jameson side, bottom up, is in pretty good shape now.

Bush Poppy: Dendromecon rigida

The Madrone trees were in bloom.

The view from the top, looking toward Carpinteria. If we can get the trail open down the front side, we'll finally have a trail in Carpinteria.

Interesting rock formations at the top

Headed back down the trail, the Chinese houses were still amazing.

They looked much pinker in real life.

I like the way the lower portion of the trail is fuzzy with grass in the trail bed.

At the bottom the Alder trees give Alder Creek its name.

And that's the end. I should have taken a picture of the tri-tip sandwich feast, the home-made cookies, home-made apple pies and home-made lemonade.