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Photos from Gaviota Peak

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I led a Sierra Club hike to Gaviota Peak. The weather going up to the peak was foggy and wet. There were no views up there. Everyone was drenched in sweat and so it was too cold to sit in the wet wind so instead of stopping up at the peak, we forged ahead through the wet brush down to the old road that goes by the cow pond. This is the view hiking down that old road.
An interesting rock along the trail. In real life you could see the ocean.
It's really hilly around Gaviota State Park and the gorge where the rest areas and the Gaviota tunnel are.
We stopped here on the old road trail to eat lunch. Seemed like a nice spot. The wind was not blowing here and we were out of the fog so it was warm. We dried off a bit. I'll try to remember this spot for a lunch spot in the future because the last couple times I've hiked this trail there's been bad weather and we haven't been able to find a good spot for lunch.
There are great views of highway 101 and the ocean from up here.
There are great views of the ranch land, too. The sun came out and now it was really nice and warm.
A gnarled tree along the Tresspass Trail. The Tresspass Trail was really overgrown. So was the trail coming down from the Peak. The parking area was closed because of the budget cuts. I suppose the trails won't be maintained for quite a long time, if ever. Hike them while you can.