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Photos from Mt. Langley

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The steepness. This is the view on my way down. I went the "wrong" way.

Summit exercises. Lisa and Christine do some stretching at the summit.

Looking toward Langley. I'm not sure Langley is in this picture, but this is looking toward our route.

Cottonwood Lakes #3 sparkles in the sun on the way to Langley.

View of Cottonwood Lakes looking east from above. My best picture.

Morning Sun on the Lake.

Muir Lake Mirror. Foxtail pines mirrored in Muir Lake on the south side.

Morning on the day of the Big Hike. A view from our campsite.

The view during the climb. It is so beautiful! The worst part of the climb is the struggle through the sand.

Me at the summit with Whitney behind me. I swear it's really me under that hat somewhere!

I sat because it was a vertical drop of thousands of feet below from the edge of this rock.

Tony and Diane at the summit, Whitney behind us.

Tony at the top. We hid behind this rock to stay warm.

Tony on the trail taking a rest break.

Tony at the top of the bowl. looking toward the west into the deep Sierra.

Tony & Diane at Trailhead of our Mt. Langley hike. Langley is a 14,060ft. peak in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. Cottonwood Lakes Trailhead.

Trail to the top. We begin the climb up this bowl. You can see part of the trail diagonally up from left to right.