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Photos from Lost Valley Trail, May 2003

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This was our goal on our adventure today. This is the hike called Lost Valley Trail to Castle Rock. Here we are on top of Castle Rock in the little amphitheater that we have lunch in.
The view of Hurricane Deck from Castle Rock.
Lunch on Castle Rock.
This amphitheater is a perfect heart shape. If you could block the end of it, Castle Rock would become another Pool rock. You could swim in it.
It's fun to walk along the rounded edges of the rock.
Here are some tiny pools on the rock.
Here we are climbing down from the rock. It's harder than it looks. It's also hard climbing up.
Tony with a great view.
Here's the sign on Lost Valley Trail pointing the way. I have heard that there are some people who will get sent to prison if the tell you about what happens if you go the other way.
They go to prison if they tell you what's behind that bush. In fact, you can go to prison, too, if you go any further than a few feet beyond that bush. I'll never tell...
It's May, 2003 in this picture. We've had rain all spring. Very late and very hard rain just yesterday. The river is usually not quite this full.
This is at a spot in the Manzana where we often see fish swimming. They will nibble at your toes. We like to stop here on the way out from backpack trips to wash up before returning to civilization. In summer we sometimes take a dip to cool off. Too bad there isn't as much water then.
Look at the rapids!
Jim is contemplating whether this spot is better to cross than the regular spot. I didn't think it was.
Those rapids again.
Here's the regular spot to cross the Manzana. It was cold, but not too bad. It was pretty deep as you can see. Normally you just hop on the rocks and don't get wet at all.
It doesn't look so deep where Tony is walking, but he is walking on the stepping stones that you normally walk on to stay out of the water!