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Photos from Manzana Trail, May 2005

Albums IndexPhotos from Manzana Trail, May 2005

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The Manzana river was still pretty full. You can sort of see that it is green. It was full of algae.
Lots of flowers covered the hillsides.
Our lunch spot included this nice swimming spot on the creek.
Soon, people start getting in. The weather was perfect. Warm but not too hot.
More people get in the water.
Relaxation was also happening.
Still more swimming.
It was an idillyic spot, with a sycamore tree growing from the cliff.
And flowers growing in the cliff.
Here's a view looking up the creek.
It's still tick season.
There I am relaxing in one of the lounge chairs by the fire ring.
Here we are on the way back.
Flowers lined the trail.
These are "Fairwell to Spring".
Some Fairwell to Spring are solid-colored pink and white, like these.
Others were speckeled.
I like the way these look like both caterpillars and fiddle necks. This is a Caterpillar Phacelia.
These are Delphinium.
This is Elegant Clarkia. The Fairwell to Spring are also a type of Clarkia. We saw several Clarkia species.
Flower-covered hillsides along the trail.
Chinese Houses.

Thanks for putting up with all my flower pictures. I love flowers. I love the color and they way they are like faces looking to the sun. They really make me happy.

This is the last picture. Thanks for viewing the slide show.