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Photos from Potrero Trail, Feb 2003

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Potrero Trail, February 2003.
Spring had sprung on this trail on the way to Hurricane Deck. These are Shooting Stars.
First you have to hike Manzana trail. That's where these flowers were.
Shooting Stars line Manzana Trail.
More Shooting Stars.
This is a peony on Potrero Trail.
This is the first summit of Potrero Trail before the meadow.
Here's the meadow.
Lots of shooting stars in the meadow.
You can see Hurricane Deck in the background. Don't you love the way trails that have no bicycle traffic look? So peaceful, so lush, so little traveled.
Oaks in the meadow.
The meadow, Hurricane Deck and Bald Mountain.
Rock formations visible from the meadow.
This is looking out toward the west. You can see the prominent rock pinnacles that you see along the Manzana trail when you are hiking to the Schoolhouse. They are off in the distance along the ridge in the left of the picture.
A little trail maintenance was done along the way.
Chop chop chop.
Here is the summit of Potrero trail at the junction with Hurricane Deck trail. This is looking along Hurricane Deck toward the west.
Bald Mountain. I'm fascinated by its smooth curves. I had to find a better place to take a picture than this spot. So I went looking.
I finally found a good spot for looking at Bald Mountain. I guess other people love it as much as I do because I climbed up the hill a ways, found a passage into the bushes and a small clearing perfect for viewing.