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Photos from Southfork in Fall

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Off in the distance is our goal - Southfork.

Junction at Southfork Station - Note that Skunk is 2.5 hard miles. We did not make it. We were skunked.

Southfork creek. Here is the creek where the trail really got bad.

The view from our campsite at Southfork.

The creek had cattails.

Cattails close up.

Here we are at the Southfork Guard Station.

We returned via Hurricane Deck to Lost Valley trail. Camped on Lost Valley trail. Rocks tinged with gold at sunset.

Undulating clouds on Hurricane Deck at Sunset.

Buckwheat at Sunrise on Lost Valley Trail.

Large Rock Sentinel visible from Lost Valley Trail.

Tony hiking through a meadow on Lost Valley Trail.

Autumn leaves at Vulture Spring.