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Photos from Willow Springs Trail/Figueroa Mountain

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Willow Springs Trail can be reached either by hiking the Davy Brown trail and taking a fork, or by driving out Catway road a bit and hiking down. The latter is what we did.

But first we took a detour on Figueroa Mountain Road to look at some flowers. These are bush lupine.

These are California Poppies.
It's very rugged terraine in this area.
Here's a magnificent pink bush lupine. We'd never seen anything like it.
I'd like to decorate my bathroom with these colors.
Here we are taking a picture of it. This bush was the highlight of our day.
This is Alex pondering whether to take a photo of this hill. You can't really tell, but it was covered somewhat with lupine and other flowers.

The flowers really weren't that good this year (2004), so he didn't bother with the picture.

But you can at least appreciate how steep the hill is on the Willow Springs Trail.

You get great views from Willow Springs trail of Hurricane Deck and Bald Mountain. Bald Mountain is the humpy mountain in the middle ground. Hurricane Deck is the mountain rising rightwards in front.

You can actually see the entirety of the Deck, so if you are looking for a good spot to take a picture, this place is pretty good.

After hiking along an exposed hillside you soon drop into oak woodland. It's quite enchanting and lush.

This is Tony and Willy at the Willow Spring next to a huge oak tree.

At this spot there were lots of tiny flowers, a horse-trough filled with rain water, but no spring water.

You also have a choice at this spot of taking a trail that meets up with the Davy Brown trail near the top, or continuing on down where Willow Springs Trail meets Davy Brown Trail near the bottom.