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Santa Barbara Hikes

Hiking the PCT

Diane's PCT Hike(s)

I kept journals during my two PCT sections.

In 2008 I started at the Mexican Border and reached Mt. Shasta. My 2008 PCT journal is a book. I can email you an HTML version of my 2008 journal if you really want one. Just contact me and ask.

In 2009, I hiked from my house to the PCT just a little beyond its mile 500, then hiked to Lone Pine, then skipped around the trail completing parts I missed in 2008, then returned to where I left off near Mt. Shasta and hiked all the way to Canada. My 2009 PCT journal is also a book. It has all the journal entries I kept that never published online. You can read my online trail journal, too.

I have given slide shows of both of these adventures and people have enjoyed them. If you would like a slide show or a demonstration of ultralight backpacking, contact me.

If you think walking from Mexico to Canada is hard, these folks walked from Alaska to Mexico.

Resources for your own long distance hiking adventure