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Poison Oak Pictures

Poison oak pictures

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Here is poison oak with some red and some green leaves, as well as some of its fruit. This is how it may look in summer. I believe I took this picture on Jesusita Trail near the bottom.
Here are some poison oak flowers. They are very tiny and yellowish white. Sometimes I think they have a pleasant fragrance. I have noticed the fragrance on some Ojai hikes. It is almost like a carnation smell. I haven't noticed any smell around here.
Poison oak with just a few red leaves. It is the green, lobe-leafed plant in the background sporting a touch of red. At times, even in the same place, you will see some plants with much red, others will a little red, and still others with no red.
Here's some rather large-leafed poison oak. This picture was taken on Arroyo Burro trail not far from the Santa Ynez River. It grew in a shaded area with a high canopy of trees. Perhaps the shade caused the leaves to be so large and thin.
Here is poison oak displaying its vine-like nature. Sometimes the vines can be an inch or more thick. You should beware of grabbing vines to pull yourself up as they can be poison oak, especially in shady areas.
More poison oak vines.
Poison oak leaves.
Here is a poison oak vine reaching very high into an oak tree.
As they say, "Leaves of three, let them be." You can see the rounded lobes of the leaves. Other plants that have a similar "leaves of three" nature have sharper lobes and may also have thorns. Poison oak has no thorns.
More spring poison oak. You can see how the new growth is shiny.
Another close-up.
Spring poison oak. Very green.
More shiny new growth.
This poison oak looks kind of leggy.
Here's some where the older growth is kind of shiny. Poison oak doesn't like to have any real consistent rules about its appearance.
You can see the smooth lobes of the leaves and the smooth stems.
By now you should have the shape of poison oak burning into your retinas.
Here's some poison oak with young fruit.
More young fruit. Notice also the saw-tooth edge on many of these leaves, and espcially of the leaf in the center. That is NOT poison oak. Poison oak is always smooth. The poison oak leaves in this photo are the three small ones.
Poison oak will sometimes grow face-high.
Poison oak fruit.
General poison oak.
The underside of poison oak leaves. Notice also the smooth stems. Poison oak has no thorns. Sometimes it has hairy, reddish roots on the stems.
More fruit, stems and leaves.
Here's some very red, shiny poison oak. I think there are different varieties of poison oak. Often if it grows in full sun (normally it's a shade-lover) it tends to be more shiny and have more red leaves that resemble the new growth of the regular kind. It also tends to be more shrub-like than vine-like when it grows in full sun, and the leaves tend to be smaller, thicker and somewhat curled up.
More poison oak stems, leaves, flowers and fruit.
Note the flatness of the leaves compared to the picture a couple back.
More leaves.
Often poison oak will poke out of other dry branches and vines so that you can't really tell which branches are safe and which are not.
Poison oak flowers.
New growth redness.
Some red and green poison oak. Sometimes it is red for no apparent reason.

Poison Oak Diary - A pictorial of how it looks and feels on your skin.