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Alder Creek Trail (Franklin Trail)

Alder Creek/Franklin Trail

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For:Long, exposed to the sun at first, then steep.
The sluice at Alder Creek
The sluice at Alder Creek

This trail has been closed but not burned by the Rey Fire. I don't know when it will be open again.

Sometimes people ask if there is anywhere you can hike in Carpinteria. This hike almost counts. You will be hiking behind Carpinteria.

The hike begins at the old Juncal Campground on Juncal Road, which is what East Camino Cielo Road becomes some long distance past the end of the pavement. You hike through Juncal Camp toward Jameson Reservoir, then at the far end, turn up a steep canyon and follow the creek along what is officially the Franklin Trail.

You can follow the Franklin Trail all the way to the top of the mountains for a look over the other side at Carpinteria and the ocean. Theoretically, you can follow it back down to Foothill road in Carp, but in reality, you can't because of private property issues.

It's a lovely creek and well worth the long walk along the dirt road to get there. The total mileage for the described hike is 10 miles. It's mostly level with some steeper uphill when you finally reach the real trail in the creek.

You will need an Adventure PassPass to park.

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