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Santa Barbara Hikes

Aliso Canyon Trail

Aliso Canyon Trail

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For:Hilly if you do the whole loop
Lupine below cliff on Aliso Canyon Loop trail
Lupine below cliff on Aliso Canyon Loop trail

This trail has been burned up by the Rey Fire. I don't know when it will be open again.

Aliso Canyon Trail is the place to go to see pretty spring flowers. The saturation on Figueroa Mountain may be greater, but the variety here cannot be matched. It's possible in a good year to see just about every kind of flower that blooms in spring in Santa Barbara all at the same time.

Flowers like Chinese Houses, Blue Dicks, Fairy Lanterns, Mariposa Lillies and many many many more. I have even seen the mysterios Chocolate Lily.

The hike is a loop, about 4.5 miles long with some climbing, so I would rate it as moderate if you are in decent condition. But you aren't obligated to do it as a loop. You can opt to stay along the creek in the shade and avoid the upper, hilly section. Either way, if it's spring, there will be flowers all along the way.

You will need an Adventure PassPass to park.

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