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Indian Creek Trail

Indian Creek

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For:Overgrown, exposed to the sun, long, with places where the trail is hard to find. Not steep.
Diane at Indian Creek Swimming hole
Diane at Indian Creek Swimming hole

This trail has been burned up by the Rey Fire. I don't know when it will be open again.

I suggest Indian Creek be hiked on a gorgeous spring day after the rains have made the flowers bloom. Then enjoy walking through carpets of happy little yellow flowers and a late afternoon skinny dip in the most inviting pool, complete with a champagne bubble Jacuzzi and a lap pool current to swim against.

Indian Creek Trail is a very long trail with one end near Mono campground and the other near Bluff Camp, which is a Forest Service Station accessible only by foot, unless you're a ranger with free range to drive anywhere in the back country you want. The trail description is for a level 15 mile round trip day hike. Since the trail is so very overgrown, and you'll have to wade through some poison oak, push your way through a lot of brush, and cross innumerable creek crossings, it is optional to do the whole entire thing. Just turn around when you get tired. The only reason to do the whole thing is that the further upstream you go the prettier it gets.

This hike starts at Mono and requires over an hour drive from Santa Barbara on a dreadful, dirt road. But that pool and the flowers in springtime make it worthwhile.

The hike also begins kind of dismally in some rather harshly arid conditions, but the further upstream you go, the prettier it gets. This is also way back country, making this trail a great portal to a serious, multi-day back pack trip. Don't let all these words deter you; I'm just letting you know what you're in for!

The hike described here is a 14 mile day hike.

You will need an Adventure PassPass to park your car in the area.

Boulder, CO Leave No Trace Frountcountry program