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Ellwood Butterfly Grove

Ellwood Butterfly Grove

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Clump of Monarch Butterflies
Clump of Monarch Butterflies

This butterfly grove has been known by locals for a long time. Apparently it is now a project of the Santa Barbara Land Trust and the official name is Coronado Butterfly Preserve.

The best time to visit the butterfly grove is in winter, around December and January. It is not really a beach hike, or even a hike because the grove isn't on the beach and isn't very far from where you park the car.

But, you can make a very nice, long walk out of it on the beach after you visit the butterflies, or if there are no butterflies to see.

Best hours are mid-morning when the butterflies are waking up, evening when the owls come out and there is a nice sunset, and then any time in between.

There is no mileage for this easy walk.

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