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Carpinteria Bluffs

Carpinteria Bluffs

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The Carpinteria Bluffs are a piece of land that has been preserved from development by popular demand. Like the Wilcox (now called Douglas Family Preserve), local folks did not want to see the place developed so they raised money to preserve it.

You can see lots of birds of prey, including kites, hawks and vultures. Small mammals like rabbits and foxes live on the bluffs, too. From the cliffs you can see a seal rookery and porpoises, otters and sea lions in the water.

This beach hike is an easy walk along cliffs and along the beach. On much of the walk, the path is improved. It's pretty easy to make a mostly level 3 mile hike, but it's difficult to specify an absolute path to follow. People pretty much just walk along as they wish.

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I walked the bluffs early yesterday from downtown Carpinteria to the CKE building and back. The seals have been laying their pups since December. Seems like most of them have departed already, but you may still be able to view some pups over the next couple of weeks. Bring your binoculars. The seal sanctuary is adjacent to the Venoco pier.
Posted by: Zarcero  on  2011-03-14
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Posted by: Diane  on  2005-03-24