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Santa Barbara Hikes

Goleta Beach to IV and Ellwood

Goleta Beach to IV and Ellwood

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Devereaux Slough
Devereaux Slough

This beach hike contains a mix of beach walking, walking through the college town of "IV", and if you like, walking the bluffs above the brackish waters of the lagoon at the University. You could walk through the university, too, if you like.

It is possible to walk for up to 10 miles round trip all the way to the Bacara Resort Hotel in the Elwood Beach area. So plan to bring a lunch or stop in Isla Vista at the IV Bagel Bakery, the IV Food Co-op, Freebird's Burritos, or any of the other fine eating places in IV.

This beach hike begins at Campus Point at UCSB. If you do this hike on a Sunday, you can park on campus. If not, you should park at Goleta Beach.

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Posted by: Diane  on  2005-03-24