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Santa Barbara Hikes

Hendry's (Arroyo Burro) to Goleta Beach

Hendry's Beach (Arroyo Burro) to Goleta Beach

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This beach hike can rarely be done in its entirety because of the tide, but it can be done in pieces or with variations that allow you to do it entirely.

Because there is parking at each end of the hike you can do a one-way car-shuttle. Or just take the bus back. (Some combo of Lines 11, 6 or 24, and 5. Get info from the MTD, not from me.)

One special thing about this hike is the one stretch between More Mesa and Goleta Beach where you are likely to see seals on rocks in the water, or right on the beach. Don't touch the animals or try to get them back in the water—it's a criminal offense. If you are worried about them you can call the Wildlife Care Network.

Also be forewarned about the possibility of nudists along the way. They like More Mesa beach. It's not legal, but the beach is pretty secluded.

If you hike the entire distance described, round trip is approx. 10 miles.

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