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Santa Barbara Hikes

Arroyo Burro to the Santa Ynez River

Arroyo Burro Trail to Santa Ynez River

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For:Long uphill on the way back
One Baby Blue Eye
One Baby Blue Eye on the North side of Arroyo Burro Trail

This hike is a delight. You must hike through the environmental devastation of a shooting range to begin, but once you turn the corner, you no longer hear the gunshots or see the trash and instead find yourself in an enchanted fairytale forest.

You'll hike along a well-maintained trail on the shady side of the mountains through oak woodland and madrone forests. Depending on the time of year, the trail may be covered in alder, maple, bay and oak leaves and be rich in moss, banana slugs and a variety of fungus or may have a myriad of wildflowers.

The trail ends at a dirt road which you can follow past private White Oak Camp to the Santa Ynez River.

The hike is just under 7.5 miles round trip, which includes the dirt road to the river.

If you are not an experienced hiker, don't overestimate your abilities. You descend first and only climb to return to your car. If you're not in good condition, you may find the climb back to your car harder than you expected.

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