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Forbush Flat

This trail may not be accessible due to recent fires and floods. The trail itself may be okay, and its inaccessibility may be due to road closures.

Forbush Flat

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For:Uphill on the way back.
Apple Blossom at Forbush Flat
Apple Blossom at Forbush Flat

Forbush Flat is a campsite about 2 miles from the trailhead which makes a nice destination for a short overnight backpack trip, or at least a nice picnic.

The trail to Forbush Flat starts out downhill first and goes down into the canyon where there is lush vegetation and a small creek. The camp is in a meadow with some tall trees and some old apple trees from when it was once an old homestead a long time ago.

Be careful with hikes that start downhill if you are not in good shape. You will start out feeling so confident of your abilities that you may end up not appreciating how much uphill you have to do to get back to your car.

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Hiked to Forbush Camp on March 13th, 2016. Water flowing through creek near campsite, although there have been some heavy rains over the last week. Trail in good condition, although some shale areas were a little tight -- but not nearly a problem. Great hike, cool day, absolutely stunning views.
Posted by: dshaw  on  2016-03-14
I hiked into Forbush Flat for a day trip with my three daughters (3,6,7) on February 6, 2015. We had the camp all to ourselves and it was a great day. There is one sketchy section of the trail (just a few minutes from the trailhead) where the shale has crumbled down a steep slope making it a 'billy goat trail' for several yards. With my three little ones and backpacks, I was wishing we had some paracord in case someone slid down! In fact, I went and bought some after this hike. Most of the trail is along a steep slope, but there is plenty of brush to block a fall except for the section described above. The campsites are very nice, as is the meadow. There was no visible water, except a few tiny bug-infested stagnant puddles up by the meadow. Lots of bugs when the wind dies down, so bring bug spray! Also, the hike was challenging on the way back with young kids. I carried my 3 year old nearly the whole way back and it was HARD! Direct sun hits most of the trail back in the afternoon. Another FYI, the sun sets over the ridge, making it an early 'dusk' on this side of the mountain, so give yourself time to hike out - especially in the winter when it gets dark early.
Posted by: Rwarrecker  on  2015-02-17
Just a heads up: Gibraltar Road is currently closed.
Posted by: CaliHiker  on  2014-03-07
Which trails do have plenty of water this time of year?
Posted by: Sittingbull  on  2013-06-28
June 15th, Hiked from my starting point at bottom of cold springs with a full backpack geared for a long distance overnight. Packed 250 oz of water, guessing my pack weight 45 lbs. started at 0830 hours and made it to e camino cielo at 1130 hours and another hour to get to forbush camp. Didn't encounter any water anywhere so do no expect water. It is extremely dry I doubt there is any water to find if you looked for hours. Rested at forbush until 1700 hours and headed out. The flies really bothered me while at forbush. Ended up logging 12.5 miles for the day and drank around 100 fl oz over that course. See you on the trails.
Posted by: waterboy174  on  2013-06-25
Good work! I'm looking forward to an overniter to Forbush sometime in the next month or so, weather depending. Was there any water about? Steve
Posted by: Steve  on  2013-06-20