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Forbush Flat

Forbush Flat

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For:Uphill on the way back.
Apple Blossom at Forbush Flat
Apple Blossom at Forbush Flat

Forbush Flat is a campsite about 2 miles from the trailhead which makes a nice destination for a short overnight backpack trip, or at least a nice picnic.

The trail to Forbush Flat starts out downhill first and goes down into the canyon where there is lush vegetation and a small creek. The camp is in a meadow with some tall trees and some old apple trees from when it was once an old homestead a long time ago.

Be careful with hikes that start downhill if you are not in good shape. You will start out feeling so confident of your abilities that you may end up not appreciating how much uphill you have to do to get back to your car.

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