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Santa Barbara Hikes

Knapp's Castle

Snyder Trail/Knapp's Castle

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For:Snyder is longer and uphill. Knapps castle deserves a 1, if you start from the top, because it is very short.
Knapp's Castle
Knapp's Castle - Photo by Ray Ford

The owner of Knapp's Castle is living on the property and building something. Unfortunately, the ruins are no longer accessible. But you can still hike the trail.

Snyder trail is a nice hike on its own, or you can make a loop with the Freemont trail. The loop is a nice car shuttle hike if you have a group of people. If not you will wind up walking on Paradise road for about a mile and a half at the end. Freemont trail is a historical trail of sorts, being an old stagecoach route. Or so I've heard. You will also get to hike to an old ruined lodge called Knapp's Castle.

Knapp's Castle can be a short destination of its own on a warm summer night to watch the sunset if you start from East Camino Cielo Rd. instead. See the map and directions to the trailhead.

You will need an Adventure PassPass to park your car at the bottom. Actually, I'm not sure if this is still true so you might ask the ranger to be sure. There is a ranger station on Paradise Road. You don't need an Adventure Pass to park on East Camino Cielo.

Snyder trail on its own is a little over 7 miles.

Snyder-Freemont Loop is done as a car shuttle (which means two cars - one at the start and one at the finish) is about 8 miles. Add another 1.6 miles if you don't have that second car.

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