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Santa Barbara Hikes

Little Caliente Hot Spring Directions

Little Caliente Hot Springs

From the Mission, corner of Laguna and Los Olivos Street in Santa Barbara...

Take Los Olivos toward the mountains. The road makes a jag to the left and right again and becomes Mission Canyon Rd.

Turn right on Foothill Rd.

At the firestation at the 3-way intersection, continue straight ahead.

Follow this windy road to Mountain Drive. Turn left.

Follow windy Mountain Drive to Sheffield Resevoir and turn left.

Continue a short way (2 tenths of a mile or so) and turn left on Gibralter Rd. Make sure to stay to the left as you make this turn.

Gibralter meets a 4-way intersection with El Cielito Rd. Continue straight through the intersection.

Gibralter Rd. winds into the mountains and meets Camino Cielo Rd. at its summit.

At the junction with Camino Cielo Rd., look carefully. There is a large brown sign to the right. Turn right at the sign.

Follow E.Camino Cielo Rd. for about 4 miles. There will be a large, concrete water tank shaped like a flat, cirucular disk. Park at the water tank.

The trailhead is across the street looking towards the expasive back country.