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Lizard's Mouth Description

Lizard's Mouth

Why are you going here? To boulder? Rock climb? Watch the sunset? Take pictures? Explore the rock formations? All of the above?

Begin the trail to Lizard's Mouth at the trailhead which you can find by looking for a notch in the bushes and smooth sandstone on the Goleta side of the road. Usually what happens to me is I'm never quite sure where to begin, and I always end this hike a little differently than where I started. But the whole trail is only 1/4 mile or so, so you really can't go wrong.

After passing the smooth rock you will come to a rock with a tree hanging above it. It takes a little dexterity to navigate over this rock while swinging around the tree.

Soon you will come to a spot where there are interesting rock formations to the left and a sweeping vista straight ahead. This is it!

Explore those rocks to the left. They are riddled with interesting caves.

Explore the rocks leaning gradually to the right. You can climb up to the summit of these rocks and find yourself on top of the lizard's head. Rock climbers and boulderers like to practice here. Maybe you will see some today. It's fun to watch them.

Easy hike, eh? 1/4 mile, plus a whole lot of exploring around.

To return to your car, go back the way you came.