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Santa Barbara Hikes

Lizard's Mouth Directions

Lizard's Mouth

From the Mission, corner of Laguna and Los Olivos Street in Santa Barbara...

Get on US 101 going northbound by taking Laguna St. to Mission St. (toward the ocean).

Turn right on Mission St.

Follow Mission St. to the freeway and take US 101 north.

Exit the freeway on 154/Cachuma Lake/State St. exit. Follow the signs to 154.

Head up 154. After the 4th turnout, get in the left turn lane and turn left on Kinevan Rd.

After passing through a dangerous rock/curve, take the left fork in the road. This is West Camino Cielo Rd.

Careful of the hairpin turn.

There will be a long row of mailboxes on your left. Continue straight.

Pass the funny boulder on your right.

Pass the Windemere sign.

Careful of the other hairpin turn. Well, almost a hairpin.

Pass a water tank on your right slightly up the hill.

Soon you will come to a spot that is wide with smooth sandstone boulders. On the left side of the street is an iron gate and no shooting signs. Keep going further.

You will begin to turn slightly to the right and the dirt will be wide with little spurs on both sides for parking. Perhaps there will be cars parked. The dirt is an orangey color and sandy. Park somewhere here. If you went too far you will be at the gun club at the end of the road where it becomes a dirt road. Back track if you went that far and find a parking place.

The trailhead begins at a spot where there is some smooth sandstone on one side and brush on the other side of the trail. It will begin on the side of the road that is closest to heading down to the ocean. The beginning of the trail can sometimes be hard to find. You may want to just look for other people's footsteps, or just head up the sandstone. You will find the trail if you persist. It usually takes some persistence.

Sorry these directions are a little vague. But if drunk high school kids can find it, you can, too.