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7 Falls Description

7 Falls

From the Trailhead...

Pass through the iron, locked gate and follow the paved Edison Rd.

Approx. 3/4 mile cross creek on wooden bridge. Around the bend the road becomes dirt. There is a junction here. To the right the Edison road continues up for a few miles and makes a nice walk or mountain bike ride of its own. For 7 Falls., Stay straight on the dirt road at this junction.

Go just a little ways, maybe a few hundred yards further, and off to the right is the sign and junction for Tunnel Trail. Continue straight, not taking Tunnel Trail, for a few more yards to the junction on the left for Jesusita Trail.

At about the 1 mile mark you will reach the creek. The Jesusita Trail continues straight across the creek, going up to Inspiration Pt. But you are going to 7 Falls, which means you turn right and go up the creek.

You can boulder hop all the way up the creek to 7 Falls, or you can slosh your way through the water, or both. Sometimes, when the water is high, you'll have to do both.

You know you have reached 7 Falls when you can't go any further without some very difficult rock climbing.

All told, the hike is approximately 3 miles round trip. To get back to your car, return the way you came.