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Santa Barbara Hikes

Arroyo Burro

Arroyo Burro Trail

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For:Long with extra 500ft elevation drop/gain in middle, plus not well-maintained
One Baby Blue Eye
One Baby Blue Eye on the North side of Arroyo Burro Trail

This hike is a challenge. It's one of the rare front country hikes that has uphill both on the way up and on the way back, and all of it is steep. It's a long hike, too. 12 miles.

You will have to hike part of the way on paved and dirt roads and through private easements that are constantly in flux.

The Arroyo Burro Trail is a historic trail. In the days before automobile travel trails the only way over the impenetrable mountain barrier between the coast and the interior. Arroyo Burro supplied a route for miners and other trade. The trail continues over the other side of the mountains to the Santa Ynez River. This other half of the trail is shady and very lovely, but not described here.

The hike is 12 strenuous miles round trip with an approximate 4000ft elevation gain. The gratuitous 500ft. drop you do in the middle of the ascent adds that extra 1000ft.

Boulder, CO Leave No Trace Frountcountry program