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Buena Vista

Buena Vista and Old Pueblo Trails

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For:Steep hills but short
Diane on the Big Chair
Diane on the Big Chair on a side trail near the Buena Vista Trail

This short hike is a loop touching 4 different trails. You begin on San Ysidro Trail, take an Edison road for a spell, then reach the Buena Vista trail, walk a short distance along a road to the Old Pueblo Trail, then continue on back to San Ysidro Trail. There is an option to take the Wiman Trail from the Old Pueblo Trail, instead of meeting back at the San Ysidro, which adds another trail to the loop.

Some highlights along the way: The Old Pueblo trail is a Montecito Trails Association horse trail that passes behind some homes in Montecito. Part of the trail passes along the back of a marvelous garden. There are numerous unusual plants, such as proteas, planted along the trail, and you can see amazing blooms growing in the garden beyond the fence. None of this is native, but if you like beautiful gardens, you will enjoy this.

The Buena Vista trail is an unusual trail in that it is "Y"-shaped. The bottom stem ends at Buena Vista Rd. The two branches form a connection between the two sections of the Edison road. You can use the Buena Vista trail as a connector between San Ysidro and Romero trails, although you will also need to spend a long distance walking along the Edison roads to make the full connection. If you do choose to do this connection, there is a tiny side trail to the "Big Chair," which can be fun.

The total distance of the main loop I've described here is a little under 4 miles. There is a very steep uphill section on the Edison road, but otherwise, the hike is not difficult. All the other extra stuff, of course, will add some distance and difficulty!

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