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Cathedral Peak

Cathedral Peak

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For:Class 3 rock climbing, steep, primitive trail
Rocks near the summit
Rocks near the summit

This is a super strenuous boulder hop. It's been suggested I recommend you not bring a dog. I'll leave it up to you. You should bring 2 liters of water. The trail is exposed to the hot sun. Gloves for the return trip are also a good idea as your hands may become burned and raw from the hot rocks.

You start the trail on a paved access road that the Edison Company uses. After a mile of gentle uphill, the road turns to dirt and you follow it just a little more toward the turnoff to Jesusita Trail. Take Jesusita Trail to the first creek crossing on Mission Creek, then turn right up mission creek and look for a steep trail on the left that continues up to Cathedral Peak.

This is a steep trail that takes you on a class three rock climb to the top of “Cathedral Peak.” The actual Cathedral Peak, at 3333 ft., is a jutting rock formation a bit further, but this trail goes to a peak just in front of it, properly named Arlington Peak, where there is a nook in a rock with a sign-in book to register your joyous summit.

The views are amazing, stretching from Oxnard on a very clear day all the way up the coast past Goleta and out into the Channel, past the Islands.

The hike is about 4 miles round trip with an elevation gain of about 3000 ft.

Boulder, CO Leave No Trace Frountcountry program