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Santa Barbara Hikes

Gaviota Hot Spring Directions

Gaviota Peak and Campbell Trail, with a side trip to the hot spring

From the Mission, corner of Laguna and Los Olivos Street in Santa Barbara...

Get on US 101 going northbound by taking Laguna St. to Mission St. (toward the ocean).

Turn right on Mission St.

Follow Mission St. to the freeway and take US 101 north.

Follow 101 about 20 minutes north of Santa Barbara on the 101.

Exit on Highway 1, the road that leads to Vandenberg Air Force base. Take a sharp right at the STOP sign and drive for about a quarter mile along the chain link fence to the parking area. A parking fee needs to be deposited here at this nice shady spot where you can park. Be sure you fill out the little slip to stick in your window before you drop your money in. Many people screw this up.

Walk up along the path toward the metal gate behind the sycamore trees to reach the trailhead, which is a dirt road.

(About 30 minute drive)