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Santa Barbara Hikes

McMenemy Trail

McMenemy/Saddlerock/Girard Loop

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Hikers on McMenemy Trail
McMenemy Trail, past the bench and hitching post

This is a lovely hike in the lower parts of the mountains above Montecito. It's a very well-maintained trail, suitable for horses (hitching posts along the way.)

The hike is a loop, or more like a figure 9, that starts at the San Ysidro trailhead, branches off to the McMenemy trail, then forks over to the Saddlerock trail, the returns down the Girard trail back to McMenemy.

There are nice view spots along the way. You can choose to make your summit at the junction with the Girard trail for a 3 mile hike, or at Saddlerock for a 5.5 mile hike.

(P.S. I dare you to say McMenemy 5 times really fast.)

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