Fire and floods have destroyed or made inaccessible many of the trails in our area. Read LPNF Alerts & Notices and SB County Road closure information.
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Santa Barbara Hikes

Romero Trail Description

This trail is no longer accessible due to recent fires and floods. The trail may be completely gone or it may only be inaccessible due to road closures.

Romero Canyon Trail

From the trailhead...

Walk through the red, iron gate and follow the dirt road. This road is popular with mountain bikers, as is the trail itself.

At about 1/4 mile, cross a concrete bridge.

At approximately 1/2 mile, cross the stream.

A little ways past the stream, look for the sign marking the trail. Turn left onto the trail at this sign.

The trail follows above the creek in lush vegetation and shade. There are a few creek crossings that are not difficult.

At just under 2 miles is the junction with the road again. You can return by turning right and following the road if you like.

To continue the trail, cross the road and begin uphill at the small sign. The sign points you to Camino Cielo Rd. which is what you want.

The trail climbs steeply in sparser vegetation. You summit at the 3 mile mark at about 3100ft. There are many separate trails going this way and that at this point. Bicycles and motorcycles use these trails. Recently a fire break was created making the area even more confusing. The hiking trail is marked with a small sign saying “trail.” The trail goes downhill at this point. Last time I hiked this last section of the trail it was terribly overgrown.

At 3.5 miles you meet up with East Camino Cielo Rd, which at this point is a dirt road. Across the road and a little to your right is a rusty metal sign marked “Romero Canyon Trail.” This is the continuation of the trail and descends into Blue Canyon, a nice spot for an overnight camp out.

For the day-hike to the water tank, turn left at the road and continue until you reach the water tank.

The water tank is at just over 4 miles and lies at a spot called the Romero Saddle. There is a road heading back toward the city at the tank. This is the same dirt road you crossed 2 miles below. Take this road for the return trip. It will meet back at the junction with the trail, the same junction as at the 2 mile mark.

To return home either take the trail and return the way you came (2 miles and a figure 9), or continue on the road (just over 2 miles and a figure 8). Both take you to the trailhead again.