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San Antonio Creek Trail

San Antonio Creek

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Fence along the trail
Fence along the San Antonio Creek Trail

This is a very easy walk, but has a enough distance to feel like a hike. Many people use this trail for jogging or other daily exercise.

The trail begins in at the far end of Tucker's Grove, a popular picnic spot on the weekend. It wanders along, following San Antonio Creek, until the trail finally ends beneath highway 154. It's shaded most of the way. Very pleasant.

There is only approximately 300ft. elevation gain in approximately 2 miles.

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We attempted this loop yesterday. At 17 miles, after the grueling climb up Saddlerock, it looked like to complete the loop we'd have to make yet another climb to get back to Cold Springs.
Posted by: Backpacking Ben  on  2013-10-26
There are actually two ways around the dam: one, walk across the concrete dam and follow the road around the pond to the right to meet back up with the trail (clockwise). or, you can follow the trail to the right around the pond (counter clockwise coming from the trailhead). The second option is probably the intended route. The trail seemed to continue parallel to the 154 (towards santa barbara), after following it I was unceremoniously dumped into a roundabout (with an appropriately blunt END sign that seemed to double for both the road and the trail).
Posted by: psj  on  2012-07-15
Trail well defined and in good condition. Sadly, I did see one black plastic bag by the side of the roads. It is little confusing when you get to the dam. when you reach the dam, do not turn right, walk across the damp and around the lake from the left side. You will then cross a river and continue with the trail. Oh, and there's tadpoles in the creek Have fun hiking. Side note: met this group of Indian flue player named Huayraq Taki. They have interesting songs, playing this flue thing called Sampona. Which is a new concept to me, since it is two flutes played by two people but count as one instrument, since each flute have every other note. They explained that it has to do with valuing teamwork. Well, hiking and live music, life don't get any better.
Posted by: kellylin  on  2010-07-05
:D This is a relaxing, nice walk/hike. I am completely out of shape, and this was a perfect "get my feet wet" kind of walk--just long enough, pretty enough, not too many people, and not too steep or taxing. However, I would not say it's entirely flat--there is a steady (but small) incline going up toward the end of the trail, and you do have to cross over the (rocky) creek several times. We went last week before the rains, so there was no water at all in the creek--may be some now.
Posted by: HHHiker  on  2008-11-28
This is the hike I take non hikers on. Went up the 19th of November and again on the 26th. The second walk was to introduce someone to the hike, show them the Chumash acorn grinding rock and try to spot the tarantula hawks I saw the week before. I had spotted a hunting female T. Hawk wasp last week who dove on a male tarantula two Saturdays ago. Since it was late spider breeding time it was good wasp hunting. He had probably been scuttling along looking for a females nest and I saw her drop from a perch which is atypical. But everything about the encounter was atypical because after a little sparring around, she let him go. He stayed for a while in the defensive posture and then dropped down and took off. I later did some reading and found that the wasps do this sometimes if the male spider is thin and raggedy looking because she needs a healthy one for her hatched egg to feed on. Saw only one wasp this time and she was doing the usual ground level search pattern and not perched.
Posted by: woodman40  on  2005-12-01
Hiked on 5 November. Great cleared and mostly shady trail. Small pools in the Creek bed at first, but nice flowing Creek up the trail. A signed trail starts from the upper left corner of the last parking lot before the group picnic area. Seemed longer than 3 miles round trip from there.
Posted by: BSA Troop 42  on  2005-11-07