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San Antonio Creek Trail Description

San Antonio Creek Description

The trail for San Antonio Creek can be found to the left of the park, following alongside it. If you can't see any trailhead, just walk through the park and climb the fence when you do see it.

The trail roughly follows the creek, which in rainy months could provide you with an obstacle, possibly even an impassable obstacle in some places.

There is not much to say about this trail. It is used very often and so it is easy to follow. The terrain is gentle, shaded, and very pretty. Although you are in town, walking very close to people's backyards, you are among oaks and aromatic herbs, some poison oak and wildflowers when in season, and nearby to a lovely little creek. It's not wilderness, but it is very nice.

The end point of the trail is a little anticlimactic. The trail sort of disappears in a tangle of fennel and mustard bushes beneath the roaring traffic of Highway 154. There is a large boulder by an oak tree that makes a nice stopping point, but it is in the sun and you may find a better place in the shade to stop.

To complete this hike, just go back the way you came, for a whopping 2 miles round trip.