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Santa Barbara Hikes

San Antonio Creek Trail Directions

San Antonio Creek Directions

From the Mission, corner of Laguna and Los Olivos Street in Santa Barbara...

Head up Los Olivos toward the mountains. The road makes a jag and becomes Mission Canyon Rd.

At the stop sign, turn left on Foothill Rd.

Continue for about 10 minutes, passing La Cumbre Rd. and Highway 154. Somewhere along here Foothill Road changes names to Cathedral Oaks road.

At the corner of Cathedral Oaks and Turnpike Rd. (you could have also taken Highway 101 north to the Turnpike exit, turning right toward the mountains to reach this spot) Tucker's Grove is located on your right. There is an entrance to the park at this intersection. Turn right into the park entrance.

Turn right and drive as far as you can go, which will actually be quite a surprising distance. You may encounter a gate, and if it isn't open, you might find that you have to park sooner than the end of the road and walk the rest of the way, but that is not likely unless rains have caused the creek to overflow, cutting off the road. Drive as far as you can go and you will come to another little park that is separate from Tucker's Grove. Park here. The trail begins at the park.

(About 20 minute drive)